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Conversational Marketing Can Benefit Local SEO

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I began working for a particular type of traditional business industry recently, and I noticed that a great many of the small businesses operating within it were still proceeding as though it were pre-Internet days. They did promotions as though they were a one-way transmission instead of a dialogue.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only industry where this mindset persists. In order to achieve better sales, attract more potential customers, and, yes, improve your search engine rankings, you need to incorporate “Conversational Marketing” as a primary tactic.

The Cluetrain Manifesto came out in 1999, after the commercialization of the Internet had been active long enough to identify a number of commonalities and trends.

In that manifesto, authors Christopher Locke, Rick Levine, Doc Searls and David Weinberger said that markets were historically places where people had conversations, up until a period in the early three-quarters of the 20th century when mass media took hold and was controlled by large organizations. During that mass media period, marketers promoted products more by “shouting” at consumers, who had no forum for talking back to companies (or each other). When the Internet gained steam, however, that situation changed in a massive way.

Conversational Marketing

Business Consumer Interaction

Unfortunately, many traditional industries have been very slow to realize that the days of one-way-only promotional messages are pretty well over. Various Internet media channels now allow individual consumers to rapidly connect with many other consumers; these channels also provide consumers with a means of speaking directly to businesses and potentially being heard by the general public when they do.

Blogging, email lists, forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr and many other channels not only provide options for communication but also enable a consumer’s voice to become magnified — sometimes to the point of having just as great an impact as the public relations arm of a major corporation.



Advanced Google Author Rank Tips

This is honestly one of the best Slideshare webinar’s I’ve seen in a long time!  At SEOhog, we were totally blown away by all of the wonderful knowledge put together by Mike Arnesen from Swell Path.  In this slide show of his webinar, he explains 25 great tips for using Google authorship to your advantage.  These tips are priceless in my opinion!!


5 Tips for Making WordPress SEO Friendly

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It’s really hard to get readers on your blog keeping in mind the fact that there are millions of blog on internets already. If you believe on facts, WordPress 3.0 version was downloading 65 million times by August 2011. So you can analyse the kind of completion you will need to face to get your blog on first page of Google and other search engines for its targeted terms. So how you go about doing SEO for your blog and how you will make sure you will be able to get lots of targeted traffic on your blog in today’s web world which is too competitive.

There are some measures you can actually take to make your WordPress blogs more SEO friendly and as a result will be able to compete with the top guns in your niche. So here is the ultimate list of 5 killer tips that will help you make your blog a perfect paradise for search engines:

SEO Optimized URL Structure

Although WordPress is considered as a SEO friendly CMS, but still there are some extra steps you can take to get an edge over other bloggers in your industry. By default, WordPress URL structure does not seem to be SEO friendly.  [ Read entire Article ]


Small Business Marketing Tips Video

Although this video about small business marketing is only 1:23, it shares three great tips.  Blogging, local community participation and concentrating on customer relationships are always great ways to compete with the “big guys” and set your company apart from the rest.

Sometime we think our next business move has to be big to make a difference and the truth is small things go a long way. It is important to remember this when working on your internet marketing too. For more tips like this, visit The SEO Helping Hand blog.


5 Reasons to Use A Microsite

SEO with MicrositesWritten by:

Believe it or not, microsites are as relevant today as ever. In fact you probably visit microsites daily and do not even know it! From the local mom and pop stores to fortune 500 companies, microsites are being used by everyone as an essential tool for their online marketing campaigns. There are several reasons and benefits to incorporating a microsite into your marketing efforts, here are five of the top reasons your company should be using a microsite:

1.) Allows you to concentrate on a specific area of your business. Typically a company’s website is limited by the focus of the entire company and is not personal enough for each department.  This leaves content to vague and doesn’t allow the appropriate marketing or sales language to be used.

Using a microsite allows you to focus more on a specific topic or area of your business where you can speak to an specific audience and use more of a selling or persuasion language.  It also allows you to elaborate more about different areas of your business with other menu items instead of one long page.  This should be more attractive to your visitors.

2.) Allows you to convert your traffic better. There have been countless studies by many credible companies that confirm microsites have higher conversion rates than a general company website.  This is why many SEO companies recommend landing pages for their clients. Read moreRead more


3 Hot Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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With the recent changes in Google’s algorithm (AKA Penguin Update) you may be feeling frustrated with search engine optimization and your current rankings.  Like everything in life, you cannot give up!  There are many other ways to generate new traffic to your site and gain new prospects for your company’s products or services than just organic traffic.

Here are 3 great ways to generate new traffic to your site:

1.) Create new Videos:  A great way to build some quality links (non-anchor text to hopefully appease Penguin Update) and generate some traffic to your site is through video.  There are several great video repository sites (YouTube, Viddler, MetaCafe, DailyMotion and Vimeo) you can upload your videos for free and include a link from the video itself and your channel page.

Some great video ideas are an interview with a customer or employee, a review on a product you carry, a description about a service you offer with pictures and voice over, a photo gallery of recent projects, a description about new products at your business or even something as simple as a video walk through of your office where you can introduce your staff and show off your space!

2.) Post Classifieds: Many people do not understand the power of online classified ads and the traffic one can receive from them.  The great part about classified ads is the top ones are free to post!  We post daily for our SEO customers for their products or services on Craigslist, Backpage and Oodle with several different ads.

It is best to rotate your ads to be attractive to different viewers and avoid getting tagged as spam.  Use content only ads with links, content and image ads and only image ads all with a tracking phone number.  You will be shocked at the number of visitors and phone calls online classified ads generate. Read moreRead more


How to Overcome Your SEO Frustrations

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Have you reached a point in your SEO campaign where frustration has set in?  Are you tired of trying to keep up with the algorithm changes, constant layout changes, local listing updates on the popular search engines?  We have all been there but that doesn’t mean you should give up!   With the internet marketing world consistently changing this is going to happen, probably more than once.  I know first hand the ups and downs of this cruel world.  Just when you get excited about a content piece, a reciprocal link or an increase of ranking something else changes.  Probably the worst part about it is the fact you do not have control of the changes in the game we play.  If you have found yourself ready to give up on your search engine optimization, sit back, take a deep breath and read a few ideas I have to get your excited about internet marketing again.

Target a long-tail keyword

If you are frustrated with all of the work you have put into a campaign and haven’t received the results you are looking for it is time to switch your efforts into something positive.  When I get upset I like to put my efforts into something I can get quick results.   If you find yourself in this situation is time to switch gears and find a long tail keyword with little competition.  Find a keyword that has a few searches a month, create a landing page designed especially for the keyword. Read moreRead more


Generating Links for your SEO Campaign

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We all know the importance of link building and the power of incoming links.  While many understand the difference between ‘do-follow’ and ‘no-follow’ links the focus of link building strategies varies across the board. Should one stick strictly to the ‘do-follow’ approach?  Can a ‘no-follow’ link from Twitter actually help your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign?  The answer is ‘of course’!

The average web promoter may not think of social media optimization (SMO) as a legitimate link building strategy but more and more people are tacking a stab at it.  SMO is a great way to build you brand online and dominate the search results with trusted well maintained website properties.  It also gives internet browsers the decision how they want to communicate/connect with your business.  Make sure to connect all of your social profiles together and of course to your website.  We are not trying to help our SEO campaign with these links, we are generating landing pages for internet users to connect with our company.

The best opportunity for creating links is with content.  Your content means your choice with subject matter, length, references and of course anchor text links!  Create content each day on the different internet properties you have access too.  You blogs, guest blogs, article repositories, PR sites and of course your website.

After you have created your content piece push it on all of your social media profiles with links to the content.  Again, I understand that they are the annoying ‘no-follow’ links but it will push your content and ideas to millions of social media users.  A few RT on twitter will then put your content and idea in front of millions more!

Here’s the awesome part: more and more people are getting their information from these social media sites and sharing it with others.  (Right now Google doesn’t use SMO in their algorithm but soon my friends they will have to!)  If your content is about something useful it will probably get picked up by a few bloggers who found your content through a social media site.  In their blog article they will link back to you, your company, your product, etc with a golden ‘do-follow’ link.  If you’re lucky this will happen a few times.

Your ‘no-follow’ link was responsible for creating the ‘do-follow’ link from another internet property.  Generating links for your SEO campaign can be frustrating if you are limited on your strategy.  I run into people all of the time who struggle at thinking outside of the box and the end result is a below average SEO campaign.

By involving SEO insight in a social media effort or vice-versa, internet marketers extend the value of their promotional investment (think outside the box)!  Well optimized social media properties will attract new readers to your content and ideas.  These efforts will help facilitate links to websites directly and indirectly.  The important thing to remember is social media allows its users to share very quickly.  With the relationships you have created on your social profiles you will be able to create links for your SEO campaign long after your content piece has been published.

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